Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chapter 3 blog/video

I loved this chapter, and it got me into a mode of really reflecting on some things in my life that impact my relationship with the Lord. I became a Christian as an adult, so I might have a different story than some of you. How has your past shaped your understanding of the Lord?

Specifically, how is your relationship with your father? For me, I have a dad I can depend on all the time. If he tells me he's going to be at my house at 5, that really means 4:45. He never missed a game I was cheering at, never failed me in anything significant. I could ALWAYS go to him, no matter what. Even if I had done something I was really ashamed of, I still knew it could be trusted in his keeping, and I shared so much with him. There were times in my life that my mother was not able to be an active part of my life (I have never discussed this on my blog and don't really want to go into great detail here, but I love her dearly and maybe I will tell this story some other time...) and my dad really stepped up to the plate.

He was the only dad in the dressing room when I twirled around in 50 potential prom dresses.

He sat in the family room the night before cheerleading tryouts and watched me practice my routine until I cried myself to sleep, sure I would never be cool enough to make the squad.

He told me I was beautiful, talented, smart, special.

And so does my Lord.

For me, gratefully, he has modeled the way I should rely on Christ.

I know that this isn't the case with all of us. Some come from abusive backgrounds, shadows we can hardly crawl out of on our hands and knees, memories that stain the very fiber of our being.

If you are one of these women I want you to know that I am praying for you as I type these words. I am asking the Lord to show Himself to you as the father you have always wanted. I am so sorry that you have been where you have and I wish it had been different for you. They are deep wounds, I'm sure. Please know that there are many, many women here that have probably walked similar roads and would love to connect with you and I am praying that the Lord introduces you to each other.

Jess and I have prayed over this book club, and have been so blessed to see the fruits of relationship growing. If you haven't spent time on the forums or in the chat section, feel free to hop over and introduce yourself. And if you happen to be reading through other's comments and see someone struggling with something you have also dealt with, please reach out. We are sisters here.

Your Father loves you.

There is so much more I could say because I really felt like there was so much truth in this chapter but as I write I just feel that the Lord is saying to leave it there. If we can confront the things in our past that have kept us from putting our full weight into Him, we will transform our relationships with the Lord and with others. Be courageous and honest as you process this week's reading, and know that all the while you are loved and prayed for.

We are grateful you are here and we hope you fall in love with your Abba all over again...

(And just a heads up about the videos... we shot this week's on an HD flip camera, which caused the video to be too long to upload as one. So the total length is the same, just two videos!)

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Many blessings,
Ang and Jess