Friday, April 23, 2010

Important Update: Books, Schedule and More

This update pertains to EVERYONE, so please read the whole post

When we chose Strong Women, Soft Hearts, we immediately approached Thomas Nelson to be sure that enough copies were in the marketplace, and they assured us there were.

Well, you all blew our expectations out of the water.

And apparently, there is shortage.

Such a shortage in fact that Thomas Nelson is unable to provide the 100 books that they thought they would be able to until the first week of May (they are doing another print run because of Bloom!!)

We are so very sorry about the delay. If you were part of that group of people, we will be getting you an email confirming this.

Because of this book not being available hiccup we have decided to push back our schedule two weeks. But, this is a good thing because
  1. The book is really meaty and you will want to take your time with it;
  2. An extra couple weeks will hopefully give the people that still need books a way to find it and receive it;
  3. Angie's book's official release is in less than two weeks, so she is swamped with that; and
  4. Jessica is leaving for the Dominican Republic in less than two weeks with World Vision, so she is swamped preparing for that. 
We have also decided that since the chapters are so rich, we are going to do a mini 6-8 minute video for each chapter and post them on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. That will hopefully keep you motivated to keep going and keep the discussion rich in the forums. This book has so much to discuss! We are very excited. Hopefully you don't get sick of us. :)

The new schedule is as follows:

Sunday, May 9: Chapter 1: Awakening
Tuesday, May 11: Chapter 2: Desire
Thursday: May 13: Chapter 3: Pain
Sunday, May 16: Chapter 4: Losing Heart
Tuesday, May 18: Chapter 5: Control
Thursday, May 20: Chapter 6: Trust
Sunday, May 23: Chapter 7: Vulnerbility
Tuesday, May 25: Chapter 8: Forgiveness
Thursday, May 27: Chapter 9: Sexuality
Sunday, May 31: Chapter 10: Loving Beyond Reason
Tuesday, June 1: Chapter 11: Living Beyond Fear
Thursday, June 3: Chapter 12: Longing for Resolution

Where Can I Find the Book?
If you haven't purchased your book yet, we have put together a list of online retailers that currently have the book. We also encourage you to check your local library, used bookstore, bargain bookstore or favorite local bookstore. You may have even better luck there.  You can also download the Kindle version of the book on Amazon - even if you don't have the Kindle, you can read it on your computer or your phone. If you know of somewhere that isn't listed, please leave a comment! It is on backorder at Borders,, etc.  IT IS CHEAP here right now!!!!
Barnes and 

Literally, as we have written this, the status on a few other sites has changed. It's selling pretty fast so if it's something you want to join us on, we recommend grabbing it where you find it!

If you are not able to purchase a book, we encourage you to still watch our video posts and participate in the discussion on ning. This book is so rich in content, we are confident you will still glean something from the conversations.  

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for joining us on this wild ride. We are just two women who want to love God and love people well. We hope you know that each of you are a blessing. We are humbled by this group and are honored to serve you as best as we are able.

Angie and Jessica


  1. thanks for the update! i am going to try to get a book! on a side note, angie, i finished your book last night and it was amazing! :) it only took me 2 nights to read because I didn't want to put it down. I've followed your blog since you were pregnant with sweet audrey and your book was so touching, inspiring, and what an amazing witness. I am a labor and delivery nurse so it touched me in a way that will help me at work, dealing with similar situations. I know of several people I want to give it to, and your advice on what to say to people going through this grief was extremely helpful. I was convicted that I selfishly stayed quiet for fear of saying the wrong thing to a person dealing with thier loss. You are an amazing, strong vessel that God is using mightily and thank you for your strength and obedience in HIM as you minister to this hurting world. God bless you!!!!

  2. I finished the book already and would be happy to mail my copy on to someone who needs it!! If you need one just email me at and I will send it to you. IT WAS AMAZING!! Can't wait for discussions and video on it!

  3. The delay is good for me as I'm in the midst of preparing for a move. It's perfect timing really. I did start the book though. With the first chapter I'm already kind of blown away. So I'm so glad you picked this one!

  4. If any of you have a Sony eReader, it is downloadable thru their Ereader Store for around $13.

  5. Christian Book Distributors still have some... that is where I ordered mine. $10.99 and they still have them in stock.. I just checked!!!

  6. Jessica & Angie,
    I've ordered a second book and will ship it out to someone ~ let me know who still needs one.


  7. Personally - I am happy and thankful for this decision. I ordered my book from on monday of last week and the order confirmation said I wouldn't receive it for 2-4 weeks! It's been almost 2 weeks, and still no book :( Thanks for taking everyone's situation into consideration!! can't wait to do this book discussion!

  8. Hey Bloomies! I had ordered mine week before last and got it mid-this past week. I ordered mine through Family Christian Bookstore at it did take it a few days and I did have a coupon to use towards it too. So, side note here, if you have any perks/coupons with Family Christian you can use them on their website too. I'm not sure if they still have any in, but if you're still looking for a book check it out. Have a blessed night!

  9. ONE MORE LEFT---I purchased my copy at Bowling Green, KY's Book Gallery Saturday 845p and left one new copy on shelf. Initially, the clerk had said the computer showed none by that title. Browsing the shelf, I found two copies. I believe the one left is $7.49.

  10. i have been trying to get a copy of the book however we have come to spot where we are so tight on money i can't justify spending money on a book when i have to feed my family. if someone if willing to send me a copy that would be such a blessing..

  11. Hi lini15237!

    When I receive the extra copy in the mail I would love to send it to you. My email address is - send me your details. I'm so glad I can help you!!


  12. Patricia,
    Thanks so much. I just e-mailed you my information. I pray that you are blessed so much for being willing to bless others..


  13. I ordered mine through Allbooks4less and had a terrible experience. Don't use them if you can help it!

  14. I had already given my copy away and am now waiting for another one to come in, so this delay is perfect! :) I've also posted a link about this on my blog as well as facebook and am getting a group of girls together to participate! Thanks for hosting!


  15. I am excited this is moved back because I just found this site. I would love to go through this book. I will look into some options on how to get one!

  16. I just bought a used copy on Amazon for $3.00 plus shipping I think I may have paid around $6.00. I love used books. They feel so loved! I can't wait to get it!

  17. Thank you for the update!


  18. Hi there! I just launched a home "chapter" of Bloom - and have a group of ladies gathing at my home for the 4 weeks to grow together! We're so excited! and I'm on ning now, too. THANKS!