Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Send a Card to Sara

As many of you know, Sara/Gitz's dad passed away very unexpectedly this past Friday. Because of Sara's chronic illness, she is homebound and can't attend the funeral.

We wish we could drive to her house and hug her, but we can't.

Thankfully, DaySpring is giving us all the opportunity to love on Sara through a card basket they are planning on sending. Each one of us can send her a card - for FREE!

Will you include a card in it and let her know your prayers are with her? 
It will mean so much to her.

Here are the instructions for making the free card: 

• Pick a Design &; personalize it. (Feel free to start from scratch or pick a pre-designed card. Add a photo of you, and/or write out your message.) These two links are great places to start: Sympathy or Hope & Encouragement

• Add to Cart & Proceed to Checkout

• Use GCSARAJULY21 promo code in the Checkout Details. This will ensure that your card is included in the card basket.

• For the Shipping Address, enter YOUR shipping address. This will NOT BE CAPTURED, since all of the cards will be gathered up and sent to Sara.

• Your order total should be $0.00.

• You have until Wednesday the 21st to make your card to be included in Sara’s card basket.

Thank you for loving on Sara.

To read an update on how she is doing, click here.

Peace be with you today.


  1. Awesome Idea!!! I just sent you one!

  2. Done! I hope this uplifts and comforts Sara.

  3. Thank you for offering us this opportunity to send our condolensces to Sara. May she be comforted by other sisters in Christ.

  4. Thank you, Jessica and Angie, for giving us this opportunity to send our condolences to Sara, in a form she can really touch and re-read. I hope it can help in some small way..

  5. Jessica & Angie- I missed the deadline on the card, but I had already bought one (a physical card) to send to her. Can anyone who knows her personally, contact Sara and see if she minds sending me her physical address so I can get this out to her? I messaged her on Twitter and haven't heard back, but I know she's going through a lot.