Sunday, September 26, 2010

Introducing Book #4

We are so excited to introduce the fall book selection for Bloom.

You can find Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives on Amazon. As we mentioned in the video, your purchases from Amazon will help fund the shipping expenses for books to those not able to purchase a copy.

Also, remember that quantities may be limited, so order soon! You should also be able to find the book at local book stores, used book stores, and at the library.

Update: The publisher has informed us that if they sell out, they can print more in a matter of days. HOORAY! :)

We will post a video discussing one section of the book each Sunday starting on October 17. That should give you enough time to get the book and read the first section.
The schedule is as follows:
October 17: Rest
October 24: Rhythm
October 31: Time
November 7: Happiness
November 14: Wisdom
November 21: Consecration and A Sabbath Day

We are excited to have started a BlogFrog community so that we can easily get to know one another and discuss the book. Just click here to join!

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Books for Those in Need
Part of the ministry of Bloom is to provide books to people who are unable to purchase one for themselves. We do this in two ways:
  1. Bantam Books donated 100 copies of Sabbath for us to give to people in need (Thank you Bantam)
  2. Other Bloom participants volunteer to buy an extra book and send one (or two or 10!) to others
Tomorrow (Monday) we will post a form for people to fill out IF YOU CAN SEND A BOOK TO SOMEONE IN NEED. This form will be up for two days. Update: Click here to fill out the form.

On Wednesday, we will post a form for people to fill out IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD A BOOK. This will be up until all books available are requested. We will then send donors the addresses of the people who need books.

We are soooooo excited to read Sabbath together. It has been a life changing book for us both.

Be sure to check in next Sunday because we will have a special post up from Sabbath author, Wayne Muller!

Now go buy Sabbath!

Angie and Jess


  1. I so need this book in my ordering right now and am so thankful for this!

  2. ahhh! just ordered! i'm super excited. you girls are just one giant beating heart! love you guys!

  3. Awesome book choice! And the great thing is my local library system has it!! I just placed a hold for it.

  4. I am very excited about this one! I'm ordering it tonight!

  5. Love your new book selection!! This is one that has been on my wish list but I have not had the time to read, just ordered my book! Excited to start. :-) Thank you!

  6. I'm so excited!! I haven't read this book before but it sounds perfect for so many of us!! I ordered last night on Amazon after I read your post and this morning it has already shipped! Yipee!! :) Can't wait to get started!!

  7. At first this book sounded interesting to me, but after reading a quote of one of the reviews on Amazon of it,I find it disturbing:

    "I do not discount Muller's point, but it is well labored, and often repetitive. There is much in it which strikes me as new age mumbo-jumbo - "breathing seeds" comes to mind. Then there is his exercise statement on page 170: "In the evening, turn it over to the care of God, the angels, and all the Buddhas, all the spirits of the earth and sky." We are to be about the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and while I firmly believe in the work of angels among us, sky spirits, earth spirits, and Buddha are not members of the pantheon I worship."

  8. Sisters.... after reading what the administrator said, I am no longer interesting in this book. We must be careful and be very discerning concerning about what we read and our spiritual life. May we continue encouraging and watching over one another since our redemption is so near.

    in his grace


  9. first of all, Christ thought it so important as to write it in tablets of stone, to REMEMBER the Sabbath. so why do we clelbrate on the Sun God day. Also, as a radical christian, I,m not interested in Buddha either.

  10. Do you think there is any way you can talk to the publisher about making this book available for the Kindle? I don't know what that process entails but I'm sure many people would like to purchase the book that way.

  11. Sabbath rest - - Rest! I am looking forward to finding that true rest.

  12. Thanks girls! Off to buy my book.

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  13. Can't wait! Got my book! Trying to get as many girlfriends to join as possible...

  14. Has the book become available for those of us who can't afford it? maybe I already missed it.
    Thank you so much.

  15. hey all! just wanted to let you know that we anticipated some hesitation about some of the references in this book. at the end of the day, and after great conversation with the author about his heart and intention, we really feel that it has a lot to offer for us. im going to make a lengthier statement on this shortly, but am waiting from a response from wayne himself before i address it. i just wanted to put this up in the comments for those of you who have concerns...we aren't ignoring you, and we respect you expressing your hesitations. i do hope once we have shared a bit more about how we are approaching this, you will understand. our goal as christians is to SHARE THE GOSPEL, and that is exactly what we plan on doing with this book. More to come...just wanted to touch base!!! thanks all, angie

  16. I thought a form was supposed to go up on Wednesday for people who can't afford the book? I haven't seen it yet...

  17. That quote from the book DOES concern me Angie and Jess. I'll wait for your explanation before purchasing.

  18. I trust you ladies and have the deepest respect for you, so I will wait to hear from you on this.

    Can you also address these Amazon reviews as they also concern me:

    "At times Muller seems a bit pluralistic, equating Buddhist teachings with Biblical teachings"

    "By this measure, the five daily Muslim prayers, Buddhist meditation, and Hindu pujas would all qualify as Sabbath time. Muller argues that such time is necessary to appreciate fully our capabilities as caring people."

  19. Angie and Jess, you two ooze joy! I would think doing a video with two women might be difficult but not you two. You don't interrupt one another and it's so obvious that you have a special bond of friendship. I couldn't believe how little Charlotte slept so peacefully through it all.

    Your excitement causes me to want to get this book and read along. You make it fun as we get to discuss the book together. I hope this time I get to keep up and follow along each week as this is a needed topic for me. I sometimes get busy and miss out. I need that Sabbath!!!

    Blessings and love,

  20. A good friend of mine (whose opinion as a Sister-in-Christ I highly value) read this book several months ago and highly recommended it. I have been wanting to read it for the past few months, so I am thrilled to have this opportunity.

    I have heard of the 'controversy' surrounding this book, and one thought came to mind: when we see so many other religions that also adhere to Sabbath practice, is that not evidence that we as human beings created by a Sovereign God all long for the very purpose that we were created for--to give glory to God and live in His presence? They are, in fact, longing and searching for a life that only Jesus Christ can offer--they just don't understand that yet. I hope that by coming to understand some of their faith practices a little better, I will be better able to communicate and connect with them in order to share the Gospel.

    As with ANY book written by a human (yes, ANY matter the author and how 'great' of a Christian they may be perceived to be), you should always read with one eye on the book, and one on the Scriptures. Humans are fallible, but God's Word is wholly perfect and true. That being said, I look forward to reading "Sabbath" hand-in-hand with the Bible and challenging/reinforcing my views on the Sabbath.

  21. I just ordered the book off of Amazon and am so thankful to a Candace of His Mercy is New for blogging about this.

    And I am super thankful for the two of you for heading this up and inviting all of us to join you. I just might see if I can get a few neighbors together to join me, as well.

    Can't wait to dive in... and learn how to stop treading water. :)