Sunday, January 24, 2010

Same Kind of Different - Part 1 Discussion

We are so excited to kick off our discussion of Same Kind of Different as Me today. Join Angie and me as we discuss the first 99 pages.

Same Kind of Different (1) from angie smith on Vimeo.

Join us on Ning to discuss the first 99 pages! Here are some questions we have for you:
  • How did Denver's story impact you? Did it shock you?
  • Do you ever have the urge to do something, but for some reason you don't, like Ron did on page 23? How does that make you feel when you think about that?
  • What stood out to you about Deborah?
  • How has someone forgiving you made an impact on your life? 
  • In what ways are we choosing to lead a radical, crazy love life like Deborah lived?
This week, we want to encourage you to pray for people by name like Deborah did for the people she served at the homeless shelter.

A few other things we mentioned in the video:
  • The Help - GREAT fiction book!  
  • Help Haiti! Many organizations are doing great things including World Vision, Compassion and Soles4Souls.
  • Matthew's Uganda trip - check out Matthew's posts about Uganda and his trip with World Vision here
Next week we are going to read 100-189.

See you Sunday!

Peace be with you this week. We are praying for each of you. Thank you for joining us.

Jessica and Angie


  1. Thank you for this book club. You mentioned that you pray for those reading these books with you. I would boldly ask that you pray for the entire Christian community - that we would wake up and get a burden for the lost, poor, orphaned, elderly, etc. and that we would rise up and Do Something! Oh, Let us not be comfortable being lukewarm. Thank you for choosing books that shed light on this topic.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with Camille. thank you for taking time out of your crazy lives to help those of us who need to change and want to, but just need that prompting to do so. God has been working on me and even now as the kids run around me He is drawing me, asking me to come away for a little while and seek Him and what He wants me to do to reach out to others. Much love to you both.

  3. Camille and what you said. Thank you for the nudge...I could not agree more. Please remember to post in the prayer section if there is anything we can specifically pray for you ladies :)


  4. Hey Ladies,

    Just wondering if the volume for the VIMEO videos are extremely low for you all as well? I only seem to have this problem on the videos from VIMEO. Trying to hear this one but it takes a lot of paying close attention. lol

    Just checking,

  5. Hi, I had the same issue as Jessica with low volume on the video. Had my netbook volume cranked and I had to hold it right next to me so I could hear it :) Thanks for all you do, I'm so excited to be on this journey with you!

  6. I don't have internet at home, so I have to catch up on Mondays at work. Thank you so much for posting a video. I LOVE the book so far!

  7. Jessica and Emily I agree the volume is low...headphones seemed to help (but I don't have little ones I have to keep an eye on).

  8. Was so disappointed - can't hear the discussion at all. Hopefully, next week there will be better volume.

  9. Hi Angie and Jessica,
    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your insights and thoughts about the first part of the book. I had time off of work over Christmas (I am a teacher) so I finished the whole book, but I am re-reading it now. I also read "Crazy Love" last summer but did not participate in the book club in the fall. I'm so happy to be here now, as God is doing some huge things in my life right now. My kids (18 and 16) and I are going to Kenya this summer to work with a school and orphanage where we sponsor an orphan! Hugely out of my comfort zone but so exciting! You two are a blessing to me, and you are both adorable!!

    :) Jeanette

  10. Hi, ladies! Amazing, engaging discussion. I really love this and am glad to be a part of it!

    If you wouldn't mind (I thought this would be the most appropriate place to put up this request), I have a Kindle and would love it if you could post the chapters as well as the page numbers for the weekly readings. I know you did for the first 99 pages, but wanted to see if you could for this week as well. I had an easy time following you on the pages during the video so no problems there, but the chapter numbers for next week would be helpful :-)

    Thank you again for leading this amazing group! I'm enjoying jumping in at Ning and just love this book so much already!

  11. I had trouble with the volume as well. I couldn't really hear any of the discussion. Hopefully next time will be better...will try the earphones.

  12. Hi there, I don't have internet access at home, I watched today at work to catch up.

    I so love this book. It has become my new fav of all time.

    Thank you for taking the time to share with me. I am also a recipient of a book someone else provided for me, can I say I am humbled beyond words even before I began reading?? Much less the awesome discussion!

    You have already touched me in a sweet way, I vow to pay it forward to others I find in my path needing a glimpse of our Saviour's love.

    Grace and Peace,

  13. Lots to think about after reading this book. Great blog and great questions - thanks.

  14. Angie and Jessica

    Thank you Thank you Thank you for this book, as I started to read it- in the first few pages it impacted me so much, I knew it was not something I could keep to myself. So we read it as a family, every night until we were finished- which of course did not take us long. My children loved the story and it was an eye opener for them of the reality of how things are for the poor. Coming off that story- we know that our family is called to minister- we are waiting upon our Lord on the where and what...

    Answer to your questions @

  15. so sorry about the sound!!!! i just saw these comments and am not sure what the problem is. is it vimeo-related? hmmm...if you have any suggestions please let me know because technology isn't my thing :) i hate that some of you couldn't hear it!!!

    darn. ideas?


  16. Question? I'm reading this book on my blackberry B&N e-reader. Can you tell me what Chapters are covered in pages 1-99 and 100-189? The e-reader shows me pages by that when you move into a new chapter, it starts the numbering all over again! I think I'm well past 99 and probably 189 but am not sure!

  17. Wingnut, the first 99 pages were Chapters 1-20. Pages 100-189 were Chapter 21-51.

    I had the same problem with the volume! I tried tweeting Jessica about and she had no idea what to tell me. But I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one!

  18. I used my headphones and was able to turn the volume up to hear it just fine.But for some reason without the headphones and sound going through the computer it was very quiet.
    I have LOVED reading this book,and am LOVING the discussion as well!!! Yay,tomorrow is Sunday,worship time at church and next review of the book! :)

  19. Thanks so much for leading that inspiring book club meeting. I live close to Nashville as well, and I am actually stuck in the hospital where I work due to the inclement weather.
    I read the first 99 pages a while back, and last night, while I had some downtime here, I read the rest of the book. My co-worker was looking over at me at one point, saying "Are you okay?" because I was balling my eyes out. It is such an awesome book! It has deeply touched my life, and I believe that the best books do touch lives! I just love some of the sayings Denver uses in book, especially the religious ones. I am thinking about going back through and writing them all down in my prayer journal! Thanks again, and I am looking forward to your next discussion.
    I hope you and your families are staying warm and safe in this cold weather.
    Praying for you by name,
    Suzanne :)

  20. Hi girls! I just watched this...can't wait for the next one...I also read the whole book when I started. I could not put it down! It was wonderful!!!

    I missed out when you did Crazy Love but I went back and read it when I finished Same Kind of Different as Me. I loved both of them. The books set my soul on fire to do something CRAZY for CHRIST! We are now looking into adopting from Ethiopia. Love you guys!


  21. I apologize NOW for making you guys read so much but i'm not quite sure how else to post my responses. If you read nothing else, I think the last paragraph may be the most interesting to you.

    Denver’s story made me feel angry for a couple of reasons. Aside from being angry at the situation, I was also angry for this not being taught to me while I was in school, or at least taught to me enough so that I’d remember it. However, even though he was a child long ago and I too am young, it didn’t shock me as much as I thought that it would. I grew up with a great mother and brother but my father was abusive. In that sense, I could relate to Denver. Going through my hard times, I’ve met others with similar stories and because of that, nothing really “shocks” me anymore.

    •Do you ever have the urge to do something, but for some reason you don't, like Ron?

    Since I started my job over a year ago, I really can’t think of a time when I had the urge to do something, like Ron, and didn’t. I’ve been able to stand up for myself, what I believe in, and any situations that may arise. Part of my job is helping out with New Student Orientations and we have this special program at my school for students with learning disabilities called Project Connections. When training the new leaders and working with specifically PC students at orientations, it seemed as though people were treating those students differently; treating them lower than they actually were/are. This bothered me a GREAT deal because even though I don’t have a learning disability, I was classified (emotionally disturbed) and considered “special ed” in high school. I KNOW what it’s like to be talked down to and students who have that classification KNOW WHEN they are being treated differently. It’s not a pleasant feeling and I made sure that it was known.

    I don’t know how much has actually changed but there is only so much I can do. I tried to explain to them that not every student who has a learning disability gets into PC. Why should we treat some students differently than others? Why should we be more patient with PC students vs. our “regular” incoming freshman?

    Also, I think it’s very important to realize that I am one person and cannot do everything that I want to do. I have learned to be happy with what I CAN do and with what others can do as well. I joke to my mom sometimes, “Mom! It’s all your fault! YOU raised me to be nice and caring and have a big heart! NOW, I want to do EVERYTHING!” Then, she lovingly reminded me that God put other people on this earth for a reason…so that I could do my part and they could do theirs.

    "...pray for people by name like Deborah did for the people she served at the homeless shelter"

    I went to a private, special ed high school that is actually located on sacred, Catholic grounds. It’s called Collier High School and is sponsored by Sisters of the Good Shepherd. If you are EVER in NJ, I suggest you stop by (make an appointment) and check it out: or Anyway, there are Sisters who live on the grounds, some interact with the students, others usually keep to themselves. During a student’s senior year (starting in September), the school assigns each Sister with a senior and is given limited information about the student, but enough. Every day, this Sister prays for their assigned student/s. Every year, each senior class always, ALWAYS tries to figure out who their assigned Sister is. Then, the day before graduation, there’s a senior retreat in the chapel and a senior breakfast. At the breakfast, each senior receives a card and in that card is the name, with a personal message, of the Sister who prayed for you throughout the whole year. It was such a special time. I thought this was GREATEST idea and this reminded me IMMEDATELY of Deborah.

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  24. The video's loudness was too low for me as well. I had to hold my netbook close to my ear in order to hear it:) I appreciate everything you do, and I'm looking forward to going on this adventure with you!..