Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chapters 10-12

Well, we did it. We made the last video for Strong Women, Soft Hearts. It is worth watching the whole thing - not only is Charlotte in it the whole time, but we end it well. :)

Strong Women, Soft Hearts - Chapters 10-12 from angie smith on Vimeo.

Like we mentioned on the video, we are going to be transitioning from using ning for our discussions to Facebook. The "like" page is VERY bare bones right now, but we would be grateful if you would go ahead and "like" us now! :)

We will be taking a break for the summer, but have big plans for the fall, so keep in touch!

We love you and are thankful for you.

Jess and Ang


  1. What a PRECIOUS and absolutely ADORABLE little peanut!!! Charlotte needs to be a "guest" every time!! Plus, her little noises are stinkin' sweet. :) Also, loved the 'wrap-up' to the book! Well done, girls! THANK YOU so much for all of your work and time that you constantly put into these books. It's such a BLESSING

  2. You both are such a beautiful picture of a Godly friendship! You are two peas in a pod and totally different! You sharpen one another, and it is beautiful to watch.

    LOVE Charlotte! Love her red hair! Loved this book.

    You do NOT need to apologize. I look forward to the FALL study and Lord willing, getting to meet you both at Relevant! Woo hoo!

    God is so good...

    Ever learning to ...

    1) not fear stuff, but FEAR HIM
    2) not think negative, but think on Phil 4:8-9
    3) press on when people are predicting my failure! I'm complete in HIM. Jer. 29:11-13

    off to "like" your page!

  3. Loooooook at that red hair!! I mean, I knew it was red, but I don't think I've ever SEEN a newborn with such red hair up close before.

    I totally didn't read the book or see any other of your videos, but I love you both so I watched the whole thing and it was great :)

  4. Oh, how cute is she!! I haven't read the book (though your comments made me want to), but I had to get a glimpse of little Charlotte girl!:)

  5. Oh that's too bad! I deleted my FB account a few weeks back and am not signing up again. Is this the only way to still be a part of the book clubs?

    Precious baby! Thanks for sharing, God bless!

  6. You two and sweet Charlotte are just the cutest! I am so enjoying this study and I look forward to your book studies. What a treasure and what a GREAT treat to be treated with a special guest appearance by sweet baby Charlotte! My day has been made! :)

  7. Charlotte is soooo cute! Thank you for sharing her with us on here. You girls are wonderful and I love listening and watching the two of you interact. Precious! Looking forward to the fall book study. Have a safe and enjoyable summer break. See you in the fall ~

  8. I looooooooooved watching you two and Charlotte!! :) More, more, more!! :) I agree, she should be a guest on each video. ha ha. Thank both of YOU for sharing your hearts with us through this book...I have been so blessed.