Sunday, October 18, 2009

SOOOO tired....

I am in charge of Chapter Six, and I am sad to say I don't have it finished :( Our flights home from Washington were majorly delayed and I am just now getting settled in. I will have it up by tomorrow, so just check back's a great chapter and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.

And if you don't usually comment, I hope you will. We want to hear from you!!!

See you tomorrow,


  1. Welcome home! I pray you have a deep, reviving sleep!! :)

  2. Don't feel pressured and have a good nights sleep! Will check back tomorrow (:

  3. Cant believe you posted anything at all...I would have probably just gone to bed! You are a trooper! I hope your night was filled with restful sleep and take your time today getting the post up! We all understand!

  4. Hi! I didn't join early enough for this book, but I'm going to join in next time round, I hope!


  5. Were you in Washington STATE?! :)

  6. I am new to this website and I found it by reading Angie's Blog which is also new to me. I am so thankful!! I realize that this is supposed to be just a comment and not a paragraph, but I am so excited! Crazy Love has been my favorite book since the minute I picked it up off the shelf by chance at Lifeway. (What can I say? I liked the cover?) Francis Chan has been given a gift and his message is just what I need for this season in my life. Can I dive into the book club as a late starter?

    Thank you so much for what you all are doing. I can't tell you how much I have been blessed since stumbling across Angie's website two weeks ago. Love in Christ~ Erin