Sunday, January 31, 2010

Part Two Discussion of SKODAM

Same Kind of Different as Me: Part 2 from angie smith on Vimeo.

Questions to discuss on the ning site.
-Have you ever had a catch and release friendship? After reading this book, do you look at those relationships different?
-Have you ever thought of yourself as an "indulgent benefactor"?
-How do you think you miss "keys" in your life?
-How can you remind yourself to look for "key" opportunities?

We hope you are enjoying reading and discussing this book as much as we are. Next week we will discuss the rest of the book.

Peace be with you this week.

Jessica and Angie


  1. What's our reading assignment for next week? I don't think you mentioned it in the video.

  2. also need to update "current book" apparently isn't Crazy Love ...
    not like you don't have anything else to do..... :)
    enjoy listening to your comments on Sunday eves!

  3. oh, mikki, you're right!!!! thanks so much for mentioning :)

    is anyone having trouble with sound? mine seems to be acting up on this one but it didn't on the first? will you shoot me an email or leave a note if you can't hear it? thanks!

  4. melody, we're going to finish up the book by next week...we forgot to say that! thanks for the reminder :) hope you're enjoying it!

  5. Angie - no trouble with the sound on either of my computers... I also updated the post and current book. :) Sorry ladies. I had a migraine when I posted this last night and was a little under the influence of imitrex. xo

  6. I am running a bit behind with this book, but cracked it open late Saturday night after a long week --- and what a drink of water to the weary -- I only am on page 30 --- but may I thank you? Tremendous book! Looking forward to another few chapters tonight after the house falls dark.

    Angie and Jessica -- you bless!
    An utter joy to sit with you and learn!

    All's grace,

  7. It is a great book.. and many things can be gleaned from it.. What we gleaned from the tears that Deborah when she was getting ready to go, where Denver is speaking to her- was joy. God fulfilled through her what he said he was going to. Using Denver to lead the ministry- and speak into people's lives! Amazing to see God move in that Way.. May HE use me!!

  8. Okay, my eyes are burning today because I stayed up until 2 am finishing the WHOLE BOOK!! I am amazed, inspired, humbled, I could go on and on!!!! Thank you so much for recommending this book. I have already purchased 2 copies of each of Same Kind, as well as What difference do it make (which I also finished!) I want to give them to everyone I know! What an awesome illustration to God's ultimate plan for each of our lives and how tiny steps are orchestrated.

    I should say, I'm NOT a reader at all and this touched me so deeply, I couldn't put it down. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! :)

  9. also, could not hear the first video at all but this one was much better.

  10. Angie and Jessica and all the beautiful book readers, I had to share my story with you. This book has totally changed my life. I have always had a heart for people and especially the 'least of these' kind of people who need to know that Jesus loves them. However, I feel God's leading me to the homeless in San Antonio. YOu know, the ones who stand on the corner with a sign asking for help or money or both. I have been picking up homeless folks, driving them somewhere to feed them food (usually McDonalds..the dollar menu and the coffee there just rock!) and then share the message that Jesus loves them and has so much more for them than poverty. I have an old key on a chain around my neck, close to my heart, so I can remember ALWAYS that I need to give myself and my faith away every chance I get. (but realizing that when you meet people like this, they have a physical need that needs to be met first before you can share your story and your Jesus). Matthew 25 is where Jesus tells us that when we do something in His name, we have done it unto Him.

    Thanks for suggesting this book and thanks for the great discussion!

    Sara G. in San Antonio