Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Yard Sale - Give Away

Hi ladies,

I can't quite put into words how the books Same Kind of Different As Me and Crazy Love have impacted my life. This quote has haunted me for months...Live more simply so that others may simply live. I am one of those impulsive people who would love to sell it all and move to Africa, however, my husband hasn't felt that calling...ha. So, I began praying months ago that God would bring things HERE to me, where I'm at, that I can do to show the outcast His love. And He has delivered! :)

I saw this idea on the blog called Christmas Change. We called it a Yard Sale - Give Away, and I wrote about it (with video from Christmas Change) on my blog.

On Jan. 30th, my house was filled to the BRIM, you could hardly walk through it...full of donations from friends, family and church members. I opened my house up for people to come and TAKE all they could or wanted for FREE!! :) It was a HUGE success...and I wrote more about here on my blog here and here.

God is still calling come out of my comfort zone, live more simply and simplify our busy schedules. God is teaching me so much. We have so very much in this country, yet there are people down the street who don't have a bed to sleep on. I just want to do my part. I struggle with wanting to do more and with the overwhelming need around the world, but slowly God is giving me peace to just rest in Him and allow Him to use me right where I'm at. All the glory to Him!

Thank you, ladies, for this amazing book club. I'm honored to be a part!!

~ Candace ~


  1. Here is an update I wrote after the first day of the Yard Sale Give Away.

    Thanks for sharing these stories, Jessica and Angie. I am LOVING reading them!! :)

  2. I just stumbled upon this blog, and I love it! I am interested in reading more about it. I LOVE reading and so I am pretty sure this is awesome!

    :) Sarah Ann (