Sunday, October 17, 2010

Delayed One Week

Hello sweet friends.

We are so sorry to have to do this, but we are delaying the start of the book club one week. Our lives have been crazy and filled with lots of deadlines and travel, and we just couldn't get the video filmed and the donated books out. (Today we needed some Sabbath...)

We are going to start next week Monday since we both will be at The Relevant Conference through Sunday. We will do Rest AND Rhythm next week to then get us back on track.

Those of you that are getting one of the 100 books donated to us by the publisher should get them by the end of next week. They are going in the mail on Tuesday. The reading is quick though and you should be able to catch up. :)

Here is the revised schedule
October 25: Rest

October 28: Rhythm

October 31: Time

November 7: Happiness

November 14: Wisdom

November 21: Consecration and A Sabbath Day

Thank you in advance for your patience and grace.

Jess and Angie


  1. Thanks ladies! Can't wait to meet you both at Relevant!

  2. Can't wait to study "Rest" on my birthday! It would be a gift to myself to be able to really rest and not feel guilty about it. Have fun at Relevant!

  3. Bless you both! Thank you for so faithfully answering God's call on your lives.

    If you don't mind, may I be so bold as to ask for some sisters in Christ to cover us in prayer this week. We need health and healing in our house and Gods wisdome and guidance in some difficult financial decissions.


  4. That's ok with me... My book hasn't arrived yet! Pray that it will this week so I won't have to play catch up :)

  5. yay! just this morning i looked at the schedule and thought "darn! i'm thru all of rest yet!" and then lookie here....i have plenty of time to catch up and savor the lessons of SABBATH as opposed to rushing thru....ummm...totally defeats the purpose huh?

  6. ***not thru all of rest yet - oops!

  7. No worries at all! I made it through Rest today.. but now I have more time to really digest it. :)

    I'm also looking forward to seeing you at Relevant this weekend.

    And to Blessedw5Mom-- I just prayed for you. Hang in there and listen. He's got ya!

  8. That's perfect because I ordered the book and it had to be re-ordered for some it's a week late getting to me.

  9. That's so wonderful, actually. I have not received my book yet. I ordered from a Barnes and Noble store and ordered late I guess. :)

  10. I'd like to join in! I hope I can find a book!

  11. Thanks for the update, looking forward to starting!

  12. I just got my book today, so this is perfect for me, too! I started reading some snippets and I'm really excited to be able to sit down tonight and dig in! Great choice.

  13. Just wanted you all to know that I received the envelope that my book was supposed to be in today, but the post office had stamped on it that it was received without contents! The metal clasp and part of the envelope was ripped. so sad!! So my book is out in the mail la la land some where. I was very grateful to get one of the free copies, but sorry it never made it to me.

    I will have to sit this one out.

    showers at hotmail dot com