Friday, October 1, 2010

Request a Copy of Sabbath

All books that were donated have been assigned.

If you need a book, check your local library.



  1. Thank you girls for making this available!!! All I can say is God is GOOD and he is using the both of you in so many special ways!

    Thank you again, it means more than you will ever know!

    Love, Ashley

  2. This is such a blessing to me and my family! Thanks!

  3. I am really excited about this book. I pray that the Lord will give me a way to read this. Thank you ladies for making this happen!!!!

  4. I am so excited about the possibility of getting to read this book along with all of you!

  5. What a blessing, THANK YOU.

    Also - I filled this out but it said "Thanks for requesting a copy of Strong Women Soft Hearts," last time's book. Did my request go to the right place?

    Thanks again to everyone's generosity. God bless you.

  6. Thank you for offering this. I have been praying for the right book to read right now. I am expecting my 5th child in March and homeschooling my other children. Rest and renewal are something I really need to make time for in my life, especially right now. Thank you so much! God Bless.

  7. Yes, they are going to the right place... I can't figure out how to fix the form :)

  8. Hi girls!

    I am a new Bloom fan & friend! I just discovered your blog this last week and can't get enough! I thought about buying the other books and trying to catch up but have decided to begin my new journey & friendship with you both through Sabbath! I have picked up my copy (Barnes & Noble in Phoenix) and already love, love, love it!

    I just posted a request for a copy for a friend of mine who lives in another city who can't afford the book(her name is Gina Elliott). She doesn't have a computer at home but will access your blog at the public library.

    I am so excited to get to know you both and to share our feelings & thoughts about Sabbath!
    Staci (Glass)

  9. Thanks for making this possible for those of us who can't afford to get a book right now. Some day I pray that I am able to bless others by filling out the other form and providing books for others to join in.

  10. I signed up to donate two copies but haven't received who I should be sending the copies to. Is that still coming?