Sunday, November 7, 2010


Here's the latest video!
Can't wait to hear your thoughts :)

Sabbath Rhythm from angie smith on Vimeo.

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  1. I really enjoy these videos. I feel I must make a comment about one point you made, though, and I feel that with both of you coming from Catholic backgrounds you maybe knew this already...

    Catholics are Christians. By you saying you do not believe in the saints, it really did not make sense to me. As a former Catholic or someone who knows a Catholic, etc, you should know that the saints are real people, who we believe make up the cloud of witnesses in Heaven with Jesus. But "believing" in the saints (it is really a weird way to put it, as they were real people and their existence is not disputed) does not make someone less of a Christian. You have no doubt heard this before, about 'pray' meaning 'to ask' and not 'worship'...and when we say 'pray to the saints' it is no different than a prayer circle at church or simply putting our requests in the hands of people we believe made it to Heaven and asking them to pray for us.

    I am not upset or anything, and I don't want to start a debate, I just felt the need to put that info out there so others would not confuse Catholics with non-Christians or say we worship multiple gods, etc, as that can be misleading and completely offensive.

    Also, the Liturgy of the Hours is online for free, so if you want to look at it periodically here is a website: and

    Other than that you both make some great points and I am going to have to re-read from the beginning as I feel like I have missed some of the important lessons. Thank you for a wonderful choice of book.

  2. I'm not Catholic, but I do believe that the saints were real people. I don't, however, understand the point in praying to the saints because they aren't the ones who can give us anything, God is. God knows what we need so instead of praying to a saint why not go directly to God? (Not posting for debate, just asking for clarification since I'm not, and never have been, Catholic.) And as far as the term Christian goes, I think it depends on how one defines the word. Know what I mean? The general term is used to describe people who believe in Jesus and God, etc. The Protestant (I guess) definition is someone who believes and accepts Christ as their personal Savior. I don't know how the Catholic church defines "Christian". (Once again, not debate, just posting my understanding of the use of "Christian".) I'm sure there are Catholics who fit the Protestant definition and vice versa, but that's my general understanding. Anyway!!

    I don't know if this really falls into this section or the first one but I've found that in our marriage, my husband tends to be one of those people who doesn't like to rest because he feels worthless (I hear it a lot when he's sick or hurt) but from reading both this section and the first, I came to an "ah-ha" moment and went "I hear that a lot, and I also hear that when he's had a good rest, he's back on track." As much as it bugs him, it refreshes him, so to speak, and while he doesn't end up pausing long during the week, he goes through cycles/rhythms where it'll take a month or so but he'll go "I need a break" and then he'll start the process over. I think that happens to a lot of people and while it's still a rhythm, it's not necessarily a healthy one. If people took more time to rest and reset during the week, or even the month, they wouldn't have to take the "long weekend" to recover. I have more thoughts but they're written in my journal and I don't have it with me.

  3. I'll answer your questions, they are honest questions I have heard a lot anyway. :)

    Our definition of Christian is the same. I have only heard Protestants claim Catholics are not Christian for a couple of reasons, one being that we 'worship' saints.

    That brings me to your second question. We ask saints to pray for us the same way we would ask our neighbor to do the same. We also go straight to God. But as you know, prayer is powerful, and the more prayers said for us, the better! We just feel it can't hurt for those in Heaven to pray for us as well.

    I hope that answers your questions. If you have any more, my email is in my profile...I'd hate to hijack this discussion further.

  4. Thank you. If I think of more I'll email you, I know I have some. :)

  5. I feel the same way as you (Jess and Angie)... always feeling like I need to do something!

    I think that when I "break" and God forces me to rest, comes out in crying :-) It is a release... but what if I chose to have that weekly/daily release through Sabbath.

    Although I'm not reading the book, I do love hearing your insights. They are encouraging and I'm so glad I'm not alone in the "perfection mode".

    I remember this Sierra song called When I Let It Go. Here are the words, I hope they bless you. Thank you for your faithfulness and It was SO wonderful meeting both of you!

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

    This time I've got to trust You
    I've got to accept Your plan
    I have tried to guide my circumstance
    But there's just no way I can
    When will I learn this lesson
    Your ways are not like mine
    Lord, help me to surrender
    The control I try to have on my life

    When I let it go
    You take my hand and gently lead me
    Then You let me know
    Just how peaceful my life can be
    When I let it go
    Your never-ending blessings
    Like a river start to flow
    When I let it go

    Too many times I'm searching
    For the things I think I need
    When I try to look for more
    I always seem to give You less of me
    Lord, help me gain this wisdom
    My foolish mind still lacks
    'Til I find a way to let go
    Of the part of me I'm holding back

  6. Oh ladies. Thank you so much for this book and video. It's been a blessing to me.

    I've starting planning my days in advance, and have included time to rest and restore with God. I have to get to where the Sabbath is one of rest as well, but so far we've managed to have the TV and phones off. Now we have to work on computers!

    Thank you for the inspiration.

    When Wayne talks about the other religions, I just skim over that and only take what pertains to me and my faith. Sometimes I've marked out a few things as well.

    In His hands,

  7. thank you Jessica and Angie! I love your videos. The way you interact with each other is precious and so loving. You can tell you are both kindred spirits to each other. Love this book!! Am looking into buying his most recent one as well. I believe he does a great job of describing "Sabbath" from all religions. It really doesn't bother me that he brings these up in the book. Aren't we to accept all people. Isn't the greatest gift love? I love all the suggestions in the book to finding that still place and finding Sabbath whereever you are.

  8. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am enjoying the book a lot. I felt the same as you that this section was just a reminder that we have a rhythm that God created us to follow.

  9. Thank you for the videos that you have created! I related to the chapter on Liturgy. I grew up in the Lutheran faith which stems off the Catholic church. So liturgy has always been an important part of my worship life! I feel the repetition of the liturgy helps me now as an adult focus on what it is that I am saying. Yes, to some they consider it boring but to me the theology behind it is so enriching. I wish people would recognize the importance of continuous worship.

    Thank you for this book selection. I feel it is such an important part of life in America. We forget to stop and recognize the Sabbath like God commanded. It reminds me of a song by Rascall Flatts called "Mayberry!" I think it speaking the same words just in non-religious viewpoint. I think faith followers and non-faith followers all need a time of rest.

    Also, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this study for those who could not afford this book. It really means a lot to me that I can be a part of something that I can't find in my own backyard. This is something that I needed and have searching for and have found it in you! Thank you both!!!!

  10. For people commenting on the mention of other religions and such I just wanted to bring up a comment by our pastor. It was roughly along the lines of "we need to stand with people who aren't necessarily of our religion if what they are standing for (in regards to specific topics, like abortion or freedom of religion, etc) is something we stand for as well." The mention of other religions by the author just reminds me that, if it's important enough for other religions to have a time of Sabbath, no matter how they do it, we as Christians need to make it a point to do it as well. I might not agree with, say, Buddhism, but I think there are aspects that translate to Christianity or methods that they use that are useful when done in a "Christian way". I hope that came across the way I wanted it to, I'm not exactly proficient with words at the moment (being in the last few weeks of pregnancy can do that to ya...)

    As a kid I remember my mom having this this against yoga because they meditate but I was thinking, who says that you can't be praying during that time?

  11. Really enjoying this book and your videos are super helpful. Here is a piece I wrote about rhythm during a time in my life when I was caring for a dying parent and small children...

    The sabbath book has been a good reminder to me if how much rhythm is built into all of life no matter how hard we try to fight it.

    Thanks for your encouragement ladies.

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