Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And We're Back!!

Okay, Blossoms - we are back. We are so sorry for the delay in posting these videos. We shot the first five more than a month ago, and since then life has been wild, particularly with Angie's pregnancy - and the birth of sweet Charlotte!

So this is our plan.

We are going post chapter four today.

We will post chapter five next week (week of June 1)

And the week after we will post one video for 6-9 (week of June 6)

And the week after that we will post the last video for 10-12 (week of June 13)

We are so sorry that this has not gone as anticipated, but we trust that everything happens for a reason. We hope you are loving the book and getting a lot out of it, even if our conversation leading hasn't been as stellar as we hoped.

But, you must admit, this sweet girl is a pretty good excuse. :)

Okay, on with chapter four!

Strong Women, Soft Hearts Ch 4 Discussion from angie smith on Vimeo.

With love and grace,

Angie and Jessica


  1. Aw.....precious angel!!! DO NOT appologize about delaying the videos. It allowed me some time to buy the book and catch up. Everything does happen for a reason, and one of the reasons is just adorable. Blessings to you both!

  2. What a precious baby!! I know you must be having fun kissing those adorable cheeks! Glad to be doing this study with you all!

  3. Life has gotten in the way here as well. We have family coming for Ethan's third birthday and so not much has been done other than work getting the house ready for company. That hair is awesome!!!

  4. Hi Ladies. :)

    I haven't been reading this book, but just decided randomly to watch this video.

    My husband and I are in the process of buying our first house. I was packing up our son's nursery and just got a little sad. I started to cry thinking about how big he is now (a whopping two months old. :p) I remember thinking to myself "Gosh, I would love to just run and hug John (my husband) right now." Instead, I hid in the bathroom. I felt like such a dummy, hiding from my husband, but that is just what came naturally for me.

    I know, and have always known, that my childhood has affected me greatly in life. I know my vow to be strong and independent and not ever rely on anyone or completely trust in anything has effected every part of my life. But I didn't realize until today the effect it was having on my marriage.

    Angie, when you were first stating your vow I thought "What's the problem? That's a good thing, right?" And then it just clicked.

    I am not letting my husband love me the way he wants to.

    John and I have only been married for a few years. We have an awesome relationship. But what I realized today is that I wasn't creating a lasting one. Really, how long can a marriage last when one person is being completely honest and vulnerable and the other is hiding in the bathroom?

    Thank you so much for posting this video!

  5. Oh my goodness, congratulations the arrival of your sweet Charlotte! She is precious and indeed a gift from God.

    I am actually kinda glad this has run a bit off schedule, because I'm pretty behind (and now have a chance to catch up) :)

    Thanks again for this awesome community! It is a huge blessing!

  6. These videos are terrific!
    That baby picture is incredibly sweet. :)
    I have not read the book but now am very interested in doing so!