Sunday, May 16, 2010

SWSH: Chapter Three Discussion

So sorry for the delay in chapter three, but it turned out to be a good thing because we are a bit behind in our filming, so hopefully this will help get us back on track. :)

Thanks for your patience.

Here is our discussion of chapter 3.

Strong Women, Soft Hearts: Chapter 3 from angie smith on Vimeo.

A few questions for us to discuss.
Share a time when you experienced sudden pain. How did you go on from it?

Share a time when you experience subtle pain. When did you recognize it?

What was a dream you had that you had to let die? When did you acknowledge it?

Did the concept of amplified pain resonate with you? How so?

Share a time that you were transparent. What did you learn in that moment?

See you Tuesday!

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  1. This book has spoken to my heart in so many ways. I know that God planned this book for me to read, during this season of my life. I've just walked through sudden and subtle pain with difficulties in my marriage, for about the last year and a half. The pain I have been through has opened up old wounds that I thought were gone a long time ago, just as what was written in this book. I know that the events and circumstances have happened, for my ultimate healing. God is so faithful during, and on the other side of pain, to reveal so much of Himself to our hearts. In the beginning of my walk through this pain, I kept asking God to change my husband. Then, slowly but surely, God allowed me to see where I needed to change, and let Him deal with everything else. There is a profound freedom in letting God have your heart completely, and such comfort knowing that He loves us enough to bring healing through our pain.