Sunday, May 9, 2010

Strong Women, Soft Hearts - Chapter One

Angie and I are so excited to kick off our discussion of Strong Women, Soft Hearts today. We have had a very crazy week - Angie was really impacted by the Nashville flood, and I spent the week in the Dominican Republic with World Vision. Thankfully we filmed this video a couple weeks ago! :)

Please take 10 minutes and join us in Angie's kitchen as we talk about chapter one.

Strong Women, Soft Hearts: Chapter 1 Discussion from angie smith on Vimeo.

Here are a few questions we would like to discuss on ning. As special thanks to Sara who will be helping guide conversation in our Bloom community.

What is a dream you had at one time in your life that didn't play out as you hoped? How has God still used that dream?

How do you approach relationships? Do you choose to not have relationship or dive in 110%?

Sometimes do you pull yourself back emotionally for fear of what could result if you gave 110%?

How does your personality impact your relationships with others?

Have you ever built a monument to woundedness in your life? How has this impacted you?

May you feel the spirit chasing you this week.

Peace be with you. See you Tuesday!

Angie and Jess


  1. Amazing, amazing book. Thank you for hosting!

  2. I was hesitant to read this book...thinking my heart wasn't ready yet after the death of my son. But, God knew better. This booked touched my heart in so many ways. But, for me my big dream ended just over 4 months ago. I have PCOS and have a very hard time concieving. My husband and I had dreamed of being parents our whole marriage (5 years). When that little stick showed two pink lines our whole lives changed. I gave birth to Trent on January 5, 2010...he died 22 minutes later. My dream came crashing down around me. I am still picking up the pieces but, God is truly carrying me.

  3. I too, like you girls DIVE IN 110%... but when I feel threatened, when I feel vulnerable and my gaping wounds are open... I tend to draw back and naturally want to protect myself.

    Looking forward to learning more... I'm so thankful, that His Spirit, chases me down and shines HIS light of love into the deepest, darkest cracks of my life!

    Love you girls!


  4. Trisha, I am so very sorry. I am praying for you...

  5. I just want to think Angie and Jessica for doing these book clubs. Such a great way to connect with so many great women. I'm learning from you all.